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Third Oldest Nutrition Store in The U.S. Celebrates 80th Year in Business

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DES MOINES, IA — Did you know that the third oldest health-food store in the country is right here in Des Moines?

It is.  Campbell’s Nutrition on University Ave. celebrated it’s 80th birthday Saturday.  The only two older health stores are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1937 store has changed owners three times. Current owner Diane Lahodny started working there as a clerk in 1990 while attending Drake University.  Five years later she would buy the longstanding establishment.

Lahodny says she owes everything to her customers who continue to keep her business running, which is a tough legacy to keep going.

“Well I’m hoping at this point to remain viable, to remain open. Health food stores across the nation are not doing as well as they could. We don’t have the buying power like the other box stores. So I’m hoping to at least make it to 100” said Lahodny .

Lahodny says when she bought the store she thought about changing the name, but decided to keep it as a nod to the original founding family.