Iowa Lottery Inadvertently Releases Social Security Numbers of Thousands of Past Winners

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Thousands of Iowans who got lucky playing the Iowa Lotto could now be out of luck after their Social Security Numbers were posted online.

Lotto officials announced the information leak at a board meeting on Tuesday.  The social security numbers of nearly 3,000 people who won $600 or more in 2011 were released to a journalist and published online.  The numbers were included on a spreadsheet of otherwise public information that was legally given out.

The information was published online for 10 days.  The lottery says it was alerted to the information being available online on Friday afternoon.  By Sunday morning the information had been taken down.

The Iowa Lottery is apologizing for their mistake and offering to do what they can to make things right.  "Among other things we are in the process of notifying the winners from 2001 who were affected and offering them access to credit monitoring services to ensure that they can protect themselves," said Rob Porter with the Iowa Lottery.