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Iowa Technology Summit Focus on Protecting Data

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DES MOINES, Iowa- Over 500 technology professionals gathered for the first-ever Iowa Technology Summit. The issue which was front and center was protecting date both for business and consumers.

“The Iowa Tech Summit was created by the Technology Association of Iowa,” said Erin Rollenhagen, Board Member of the Technology Association of Iowa. “The goal was to really unite Iowa’s technology community bring us all together both to network, to share with one another and to share best practices.”

The event had seminars and speakers which talked about that, there would always be hackers, their job is to stay ahead of the hackers, and have a plan if there is a data breach.

“If you have a plan but you haven’t tested your plan, then you don’t really have a plan,” said Rollenhagen. “Just like when we were kids, we did tornado drills, and fire drills to make sure we knew what to do in the event of an emergency, as businesses and consumers..we need to do technology drills as well.”

Also conference speakers addressed home security, in that every new device put onto a home wi-fi network, could also be a security risk.

“Data is really critical to so many different organizations, as well as individuals in our world,”” said Rollenhagen. “It’s kind of becoming a currency all in it’s own, that means it needs to be protected, we’re seeing that the threats are emerging almost faster than the new technologies.”

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