Iowa Police Chief Recovering from Serious Injuries After Being Hit by Stolen Garbage Truck

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BUFFALO, Iowa  --  An eastern Iowa police chief faces a long recovery after being hit by a stolen garbage truck.

On Monday Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning was trying to lay down stop sticks to stop a suspect driving a stolen garbage truck when the man allegedly rammed into Behning's squad car.  Behning was knocked down by the car which was then pushed over him, according to a fellow officer who viewed the video captured by Behning's body camera.

Behning's wife says he suffered serious injuries to both of his legs.  He'll require multiple surgeries and skin grafts.  Right now doctors tell her they are most worried about infection.

Counselors have been brought in to the local elementary school to talk to the kids about the crash.  Behning was well known to the kids.  School officials say some viewed him as a father figure in their life.

20-year-old Logan Shoemaker is charged with Attempted Murder, Serious Injury by Vehicle, Theft, Robbery and Eluding.