Urbandale Couple Victims of Mail Fraud

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- "It`s just ridiculous to me that it`s so easy to go online, click a box that says yes this is who I am and off you go, and it`s taking hours and hours of my time and so much frustration, trying to get it stopped," said Elizabeth Andersen of Urbandale.

For the past few days, Andersen has been going through hell trying to get a hold of her mail and trying to get answers from the United States Postal Inspection Service.

"I did finally get a call today from the change of address department and it was a lady who told me she was changing the address, the forwarding (address) in the computer while we were speaking, but that I should go down to the post office and put a hold on the mail, that will stop the forwarding and then I can go to the post office every day and get the mail, but her change of address still will not be effective for 7-10 more business days from today."

Andersen first learned something was wrong on Friday.

"We just happened to meet the mail carrier at the mailbox Friday afternoon, last Friday, and he got out of the truck and came and asked us if we had just my husband`s mail forwarded and that was the first we knew anything was amiss and he suggested we go down to the post office and check it out."

But that wasn' t much help.

"One person at the Urbandale Post Office had actually heard of this happening before, but I don`t think they`ve ever been through it and we`re all kind of learning together what steps have to be taken."

In the meantime, lots of important mail with her husband's name on it is in Dallas.

"We have tuition reimbursement checks sitting in Texas," said Andersen. "We have a credit card statement, we have an investment account statement. There`s multiple letters from our bank."

One letter from the bank did actually did get through.

"It was about a fraudulent credit card that was opened on the same day that the forwarding started, so I strongly suspect those other letters are about more fraudulent credit cards, but we can`t do anything about it until we get the mail."