120 Mile Per Hour Chase Ends in Crash, Suspect Still at Large

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Police chase ends in West Des Moines crash. (WHO-HD)

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Police are investigating a serious crash that started in Norwalk and ended in West Des Moines Thursday night after a police chase.

The chase began when a Norwalk police officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and as the officer was walking toward the car the driver took off.

Just before 11:00 p.m. the chase ended at 63rd Street and Ashworth where witnesses say the suspect’s car hit another driver.

Police radio traffic from the incident reveals the suspect was traveling more than 100 miles per hour during the chase.

Officer: “Looks like he`s going to…ah I`m losing sight of him, we`re still northbound, we`re coming up to Thornton.”

Dispatcher: “Copy still northbound, coming up to Thornton.”

Officer: “Speeds are at 120.”

The suspect’s car, a black hatchback, was knocked off the road after hitting another driver in an SUV. The crash ripped one of the rear wheels off of the victim’s vehicle.

The victim was checked out at the scene but declined to go to the hospital.

Officer: “30-33 there`s two other vehicles involved I need EMS and I am not finding my subject yet, I don`t know if he was ejected or what.”

Police say the suspect fled on foot and is still at large. They have not released the name of the suspect.