Donut Fans in for a Frighteningly Tasty Delivery

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Hurts Donut Company is offering clown donut deliveries.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  With Halloween just around the corner and a remake of the hit horror movie It still in theaters, one West Des Moines business is looking to stay up with the trends.

Hurts Donut Company is known for its creative, sweet concoctions, but next week the bakery will be making some unique deliveries in a not-so-sweet fashion. The donut shop is offering customers the chance to scare the sprinkles out of their friends with scary donut deliveries being offered next Thursday and Friday. A friendly (but not-so-friendly-looking) clown will bring a box full of tasty treats to the location of your choice.

“People are excited. There are some people who want to play some evil tricks on people. We’re going to send them to a lot of offices. A lot of moms want to wait until their kidso get home from school and they’re wanting to scare some kids, I guess,” said Hurts co-owner David Barton.

Barton says the idea didn’t start with the scary clown movie, and that other stores have been offering clown deliveries around Halloween for a couple of years. He also says there are still plenty of openings, and that employees are fighting to be the ones doing the deliveries.