Reminder of Changes to Iowa Hunting Laws

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IOWA  --  As hunting season approaches, make sure you're aware of new hunting laws in Iowa.

This year, state legislators approved the use of a few types of rifles for deer hunting. Previously, Iowa hunters have been limited to using only shotguns. Former governor Terry Branstad signed the legislation in April to allow for a lower recoil option for older and younger hunters, so they can partake.

The DNR is asking people to take a moment to read the fine print. Hunters will be allowed to use some rifles, but not every rifle qualifies. The qualification comes down to the caliber.

"This is the difference: we are allowing the straight-walled ammunition, but not the ammunition that has the shoulders and the smaller calibers," said Iowa Conservation Officer Mike Bonser. "You wouldn't feel the kick as much in some of these rounds as you would with the shotgun slug. Some people want a little more ammunition. Most shotguns only carry five rounds maximum. Some rifles could carry up to eight or more."

Since the law was passed, stores have seen an increase in rifle sales. There is a list of acceptable calibers in the Iowa hunting and trapping regulations.