High School Students Participate in Gender Violence Prevention Summit at Drake 


DES MOINES, Iowa – Two-hundred and fifty high school students will participate in a gender violence prevention training at Drake University on Tuesday.

For the first time, Drake will host a Mentors Violence Prevention Summit that aims to focus various topics.

Violence Prevention Coordinator for Drake University Tess Cody said some topics include: domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexting, and more.

“We live in a culture that supports a lot of messages of violence, or a lot of skewed messages about who deserves what. When we live in that we need to start to counter some of those messages with positive messages about respect, caring for one another and this sort of program, mentors violence prevention, is all about that. Making sure that people get a more diverse, rounded sort of messages,” Cody said.

Drake University students will facilitate small group discussions throughout the day.

Drake Sophomore Jayda Robinson is a member of Mentors Violence Prevention and said she is going to focus on what defines the gray line when it comes to harassment.

“We really want to focus on just defining the line between sexual harassment and sexting. So defining that line and making sure that you feel if something were to happen and if you were able to agree or disagree. So one of them is if you send a picture are you to blame if it gets leaked,” Robinson said.

Cody said with the recent Las Vegas shooting, small groups will discuss gun violence.

Waukee, Southeast Polk and Roosevelt will participate in the summit on Tuesday.

The first keynote speaker is set to begin at 9 a.m.