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Norwalk Students Get Musical Financial Lesson

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NORWALK, Iowa  --  Rock and roll mixed with financial literacy at Norwalk High School on Tuesday.

Students were treated to a morning and afternoon of music that also had a good lesson. The band Gooding performed for students and followed up with a positive message about the importance of managing their finances using personal testimonies to get their message across.

As Gooding's lead singer Steven Gooding explained, kids today are faced with more opportunities to find themselves in debt.

"It's about them saving money, but it's also about giving them a little bit of hope. If they go slow and steady and really think about their future, they're going to have a better shot, especially with that stuff coming at 'em. That's really changed, even since we were in school," he said.

The band is on a 35-city tour. While high schools are their primary audience, the group also performs and speaks occasionally at colleges, as well.