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Iowa Remains 4th Most Likely State to Hit a Deer While Driving

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The chance an Iowa driver will strike a deer has decreased just slightly from the previous year, but overall the state’s ranking remains the same.

State Farm’s 15th annual deer claim study, based on auto damage claims from 2016-2017, ranks Iowa as 4th in the nation when it comes to the likelihood of having an auto claim due to a collision with a deer.

The study says 1 in 69 Iowa drivers will likely hit a deer. That’s a slight change from 2015-2016’s numbers which were 1 in 68.

West Virginia remains at the top of the list with 1 in 43 drivers likely to hit a deer.

State Farm says the mating season for deer more than doubles the chance a driver will be involved in a collision with a deer. The highest activity during mating season is October, November, and December. Deer are also more active near sunrise and sunset.

If a collision with a deer is imminent drivers are advised to brake if possible, but avoid swerving as that can cause a more severe crash.

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