Red Cross Volunteer Tells of What She Experienced in Texas

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MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa -- Lori Baker felt called to go help out after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and so she did. Baker spent two weeks there, helping out in the areas in and around Beaumont and Port Arthur. Baker and her team would go street by street, door by door, doing disaster assessment for the Red Cross. The information they collected was given to FEMA.

Baker witnessed lots of devastation.

"Everything that you own, everything you own, like for the past 50 years or 30 years or even 10 years, is sitting out there for the entire world to see and there`s not enough volunteers to go down there and help," said Baker.

The images were difficult to see, and the stories were difficult to hear.

"The team I was on was the first to get there," said Baker. "We were the first people to speak with them and so, you know, you`re doing disaster assessment, you`re trying to get your job done, but at the same time these are people and they need to tell their story to someone."

So Baker became that shoulder to cry on.

"To see a grown man cry in front of a female that they`ve never met just because they hadn`t told their story before and how worried they were..."

And the story that family told Baker is worthy of tears.

"They had a six month old child and they were carrying, you know chest high, they were carrying their child above and they got on top of a camper and they stayed there and they were rescued from helicopters with a six month old," said Baker.

"I don`t understand how the camper never floated away, I mean to me it`s just, I don`t know how you describe that, other than Divine intervention that that camper didn`t float away in this water that was rushing through."

Baker has been volunteering with the Red Cross for years, and has been deployed to help out in the aftermath of floods, tornadoes and fires. She believes it's the reason and purpose she's on this earth: to serve. Baker says if it was up to her, she would volunteer to serve full time, and she says if she ever wins the lottery, and doesn't have to work, that's exactly what she'll do.


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