Governor Reynolds Remaining Optimistic About Stopgap Plan

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IOWA  --  Iowa leaders are hoping Washington will approve a stopgap plan to keep Iowans insured next year.

The measure would shift current dollars to encourage young, healthy Iowans to enroll, which would take pressure off the market. However, the state needs a waiver from the federal government, one the Washington Post says President Trump plans to deny.

Governor Reynolds is staying optimistic about the deal.

"That was back in August. I have not received any indication from the White House that they are trying to stop or are not in favor of working with us, that's just not what's happening," she said, adding, "We are continuing every single day to make sure that we can have some kind of option for Iowans come January 1."

Without the plan, there will be only insurer offering individual coverage in the Affordable Care Act marketplace next year. The governor says the state is working on a roll out plan should they get approval.