Des Moines Performing Arts Introduces New Security Measures

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  On Tuesday night Des Moines Performing Arts launched a new Broadway Series and a new series of security measures.  The change in procedure took some ticket holders by surprises.

Guests at the Des Moines Civic Center will now go through bag checks and security wanding before they're allowed int the lobby.  The first night of the new policy left some patrons standing out in the cold waiting to get in.  However DMPA says most patrons were understanding of the new policy.

"By and large people know where we are in the world and what's going on. They were appreciative that we were taking security seriously," says Jonathan Brendemuehl, "That's our top priority at DMPA. We want to make sure that our guests know that when they come to the Civic Center that we are doing everything to make it safe as can be."

They suggest ticket holders arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than planned to make it through security.