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Delicious Deal Helps Tattoo Shop Raise Money for Eastern Iowa Food Bank

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa  --  An eastern Iowa tattoo shop is offering a tasty special for customers.

For every tattoo of a food item someone gets at Mystic Tat2 in Cedar Rapids, the shop will make a donation to a local food bank, reports KWWL's Kristin Rogers. These tattoos have helped the shop provide thousands of dollars in school lunches.

"Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots has been a good one for couples and best friends," said tattoo artist Lynda Smith.

Each tattoo costs $50, with $27 from every piece being donated for lunches. This is enough money to feed 10 students.

School bus attendant Mollie Schakel stopped in for a new design of a milk carton with the words "I'm a unicorn" on her hand.

"It's not just, you know, oh hey let's get a cute tattoo, it's like, what would make people laugh, you know, when they heard the story behind it," she said.

The story behind this particular tattoo goes much deeper.

"Very close to my heart, this represents all of my kiddos," said Schakel.

The donated money helps provide meals to kids like the ones she works with every day, and Schakel is just one of many people going above and beyond to help.

"It just makes my heart cry out with joy because it's giving back to the community and it's really great," she said.

So far, the fundraiser has raised $3,000. It continues until the end of the month.