Lock and Dam Closure Causes More Slowdowns

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Lock and Dam 52 has closed because of rising river levels according to the U.S. Waterways Council. Right now there is a 57 mile backup of 51 towboats with 564 barges. Causing another slowdown on the Ohio River.

Senior Vice President Deb Calhoun says because it’s a river, if there’s a back up in one part of the system, there’ll be back ups all the way from top to bottom. She says that’s becoming more likely since this particular lock and dam is 1928 technology.

Calhoun says this is a particularly bad time to have delays, farmers are getting into harvest, “We have heard of the plight of farmers trying to get their grain to the export market. You know, unfortunately we’ve seen more and more of these unscheduled emergency outages on the system particularly at 52 and 53.”

Calhoun hopes once Congress is done with tax reform, they will move to transportation and infrastructure.