New Art Exhibit Draws in Over a Thousand People Since Opening

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DES MOINES, Iowa – One exhibit at the Des Moines Art Center is bringing all ages to their hands and knees.

“Drawing in Space” includes the work of three artists and one artist collective.

Des Moines Art Center Marketing Director Christine Crawford said the exhibit is made entirely out of 20 miles of packing tape.

“We invite our visitors not only to enjoy the sculpture from the exterior, but you can get in to it. We invite visitors to get in and explore around,” Crawford said

Crawford said this is the first time the artists brought a sculpture like this to the United States.

The exhibit has been to major cities across the world, but is created specifically for each city.

Crawford said some cities have seen the exhibit outside, while others indoors.

Robyn Bless did not know what to think when she first saw it.

“It’s kind of like extraterrestrial in a way. Spacey. It really did feel that it was hard to trust. That it will hold you,” Bless said.

When Rebecca Schmidt first saw it, she thought of an eight legged friend.

“It’s kind of like a giant spider web of tape. There’s all of these different little pathways and you can get in the corners,” Schmidt said.

Children as young as four can go explore the interior of the exhibit with adult super vision. Once he or she reaches age 12, they can go inside alone.

There are guidelines when entering the exhibit, which include:

  • No running or jumping inside
  • No lighters, matches or sharp objects allowed
  • Children ages 5-11 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Two children are allowed per adult
  • We encourage adults with children under four to enjoy the sculptures exterior
  • Please leave bags and shoes on cart
  • Socks are required and are provided if needed
  • Five people at a time
  • When inside the exhibit please limit your time to five minutes

Schmidt said she was at a loss for words while inside the exhibit for the first time.

“I’m amazed tape could hold human weight in this way. I don’t think I ever would have thought to use tape to create this,” Schmidt said.

Every morning the exhibit is inspected to make sure it is safe to go inside. Workers also clean it in the morning.

From October 4th to October 11th over 1,000 people experienced the exhibit.

“Drawing in Space” will be open until January 21, 2018.