The Battle Continues as Three Iowans Compete on ‘The Voice’

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IOWA  --  The Voice is back this week on Channel 13, and several Iowans are in the running.

For the next four episodes, the singers that survived the first round will go head-to-head against one another, trying to knock off their competitors. Three Iowa natives will be fighting for a spot in the third round.

Jon Mero, Chris Weaver, and Adam Cunningham--who was born in eastern Iowa but moved south as a young boy--are still in the competition.

On Monday afternoon, Mero talked to Channel 13 about the Iowa trio. He says they're each focused on the competition now, but a reunion could be in the works soon.

"Chris Weaver, he and I have actually sang in the same church, Lutheran Church of Hope, we both had a little time there. As far as moving from this point on to a reunion or getting together, we haven't really come up with anything yet, but you never know, something might come out of that," he said.

The Voice battle rounds start on Monday at 7 p.m. on Channel 13.