Iowa Gymnast Reacts to High-Profile Sexual Harassment Scandals

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IOWA  --  Iowa native and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East is weighing in on the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Earlier this year, a former USA Gymnastics doctor was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of former gymnasts. He eventually pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and is now in prison.

This week, Johnson East told People Magazine that in both the Weinstein and gymnastics cases, brave women are to thank for bringing down powerful men. Johnston East told the magazine, "The more voices that come out, the more people can start relating to it, and saying, 'oh, there actually is an issue that we need to fix.' I think it just liberates people because they can actually talk about things that have been hidden for so long."

Johnson East has not shared any personal stories related to either investigation.