Ames Couple Meets First Responders Who Helped Deliver Twins

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AMES, Iowa -- It's almost too good to be true said Megan Brommel, a mother of four. "It's not real life it's like a lifetime movie. This can't be real life."  On May 24th Megan was 33 weeks pregnant with twins and woke up in the middle of the night.  "I just remember saying something felt weird and I said baby what is that and he's like, I don't know but I'm calling 911."

Megan and her husband Nate quickly realized they may not make it to the hospital.  "I said, Nate there's something else there and he comes in and he's like oh my God there are feet," Megan said.  That was Ivie, so they called for help.  Ames dispatcher Laura Love answered.  "The baby was breached so that created problems with the child-birth so our dispatchers walked the mother through and the father through the process," said Ames Commander Jason Tuttle with the Ames Police Department.

Ames fire, police and Mary Greely paramedics rushed to the rescue to deliver Ivie, who at 3 pounds 5 ounces, didn't wait long.  Megan said, "From the minute he called 911 until we got in the ambulance was maybe fifteen minutes."

A brief scare was quickly averted.  "She wasn't breathing well and so they recognized it and as they rushed the baby to the ambulance they performed CPR," said Tuttle.  With one child born, they sped Megan to the hospital where she gave birth to Ivin at 4 pounds 2 ounces, an hour later.  "I said if you think C-section is safest and best let's do that and that was at 2:15 in the morning and he was born at 2:27 by C-section."

While first responders were instrumental in the births of both children, the Brommels say they did more than that.  Nate said, "They went right into our bedroom where the 2 ½ yr old was crying and tried to calm him down to see if he wanted to play with his flashlight.  They weren't just focused on the one thing, they were focused on the whole family."

A family that including a reunion this week with those same first responders.  Tuttle said, "It was great for the dispatcher to be able to hold the babies and interact with them as she walked the mom through the child-birth."  Nate added, I don't know how many times we can say how thankful we are but it will not be enough."

Now with two healthy babies and their home on the market, the Brommel family may have a new selling point.  "We asked the realtor if we can add a delivery room to the house selling," said Nate.

Ivie and Ivin had to wait another five weeks until they could go home.  All four of the Brommel children have been premature.  Their nine-year-old Izzi and two-year-old Izaac were both born at thirty-six weeks.