Defendant to Testify Against Other Family Members in Sabrina Ray Case

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Josie Bousman (WHO-HD)

ADEL, Iowa – One of the people charged in connection with the abuse and death of 16-year-old Sabrina Ray will testify against the other defendants in the case.

Court records show Josie Bousman, the adoptive cousin of Sabrina Ray, will testify for the state during the trials of four other family members.

Sabrina Ray was found dead in the family’s Perry home on May 12th. Autopsy results showed she weighed 56 pounds when she died and “severe malnutrition” was noted.

Investigators determined Sabrina had been physically abused as well as been denied food and critical care.

Marc and Misty Ray, Sabrina’s adoptive parents, face several charges related to Sabrina’s death and the abuse of her siblings. Recently, prosecutors amended the charges against them to include first degree murder. Marc Ray was also charged with two counts of sexual abuse related to the alleged abuse of a child in the home under the age of 12.

Carla Bousman, Sabrina’s adoptive grandmother, is charged with child endangerment resulting in death, obstruction of justice and three counts of kidnapping.

Adoptive brother Justin Ray is charged with several counts of willful injury and child endangerment.  Court documents allege he “drop kicked” Sabrina down a flight of stairs about a month prior to her death.

Their trials have been scheduled for January 29th, 2018.

Josie Bousman’s trial will be held after the other trials are concluded. It is currently scheduled for March 26th, 2018. She faces charges of kidnapping and child endangerment resulting in death.

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