Nevada Fire Department Looking for Volunteers Who Won’t Fight Fires

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NEVADA, Iowa  --  The Nevada Fire Department is looking for a few dozen volunteers who don't want to fight fires.

That's right, the fire phobic are encouraged to apply.

Fire Chief Ray Reynolds says the department is fully staffed with volunteer firefighters.  But there is more to the job than just fighting fires.

"For instance when firefighters come out of a burning building they're usually sooty and dehydrated," says Reynolds, "So we have people that can help provide hydration, can help provide wet towels to cool down."

The search for volunteers isn't limited to just those needed at the scene of fires.  Reynolds says he learned from a Wisconsin fire department during recent training that there are all kinds of volunteers who can make a fire department run better.  "They have a fitness instructor that does fitness classes for all the members every Saturday," says Reynolds.

"So what we're looking for is about 30 people who don't want to crawl in a fire, don't want to dig in a fire, don't want to get dirty but do want to help out the fire department and support the fire department," says Reynolds.  Inquiries about volunteer opportunities can be directed to