State Forum Examines Distracted Driving in Iowa

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ALTOONA, Iowa- A new law was passed by the Iowa General Assembly are not enough to stop drivers from being in accidents, while distracted.

A distracted driving forum was held in Altoona on Wednesday. This was for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and law makers to talk about the problem.

“In Iowa we’re seeing a huge increase in the people that are being involved in accidents while they’re driving distracted,” said Alex Dinkla with the Iowa State Patrol. “So with all those accidents that are happening, we need to come up with reasons and ways we can prevent those.”

The forum featured real life stories of distracted driving. None more compelling than the story of a man who was behind the wheel, distracted by his phone, and a Minnesota woman lost her life.

“I picked the phone up to make a payment on the loan I had, just going to do auto pay on my phone,” said Chris Weber who lives in Sioux Falls. “By calling, I took my eyes off the road for a couple seconds and that’s all takes.”

The accident was on a rural Minnesota road. Weber said he heard a thump, and saw a woman who was riding a bike, on the side of the road badly injured, she was pronounced dead. Also two children with her were injured as well.

“I took the life of somebody else, and now I’m going through all the different process of court system,” said Weber. Now, he doesn’t leave his phone out, while driving. “When I get my vehicle the first thing I do is put my phone in the center console, out of sight out of mind, the policy I have to go forward.”

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