Eastern Iowa Residents Hoping Fix for Water Problem Comes Soon

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa  --  People in a small, eastern Iowa town are experiencing a major problem with their water.

Residents in Park View in Scott County say the water is pretty much impossible to use, as WQAD's Megan Noe reports. The water issues aren't specific to a certain area in Park View. In fact, it's so spotty that one neighbor's water may be fine, while next door, the water runs black.

"Holy cow, you mean I can't take a bath again this morning? You know? Yeah, that's usually what goes through my head," said resident Joyce Culver.

Culver owns a restaurant called Mama's Parlor, and says luckily the problem is worse at her house than at the business.

"Here it turns yellow, you know, last Saturday it was really bad. And then my stainless steel sinks really show the yellow."

The problem is three contaminates in the water: ammonia, manganese, and iron. Park View's new water and sanitary district manager Brent Earley said it's gross, but safe.

"The cause is the source water. The wells have iron and manganese in them. The result of the customers having this issue is the result of an inefficient treatment process," he said.

In the short term, Earley plans to use phosphate to chemically treat the problem. He's also planning a hydraulic flush of the system, confident the problem can be fixed.

"I can promise, within a year from today, we're going to be looking at something totally different."

This is good news for residents like Culver.

"I have a three-year-old grandson that lives in my house. Would I let him drink that, give that to him to drink? No. Absolutely not," she said.

The water operations manager says the town is working on a study to figure out a long-term fix to the problem.