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An Iowa Woman’s Personal Connection to the Release of JFK Files

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Earlier this week, President Trump released thousands of classified files regarding the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, and the release has ties to Iowa.

David Belin was a Sioux City native and was one of eight attorneys assigned to investigate the assassination. He called for the files to be released in the '70s.

"I know that President Trump has been trying to take credit for the release of these papers. This was a law passed in 1992 that mandated the release of these papers on this timetable, so this isn't something that the current president decided to do. That law was inspired by the movie 'JFK,'” said David's daughter Laura Belin.

David's area of focus was on the gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. He wrote two books on the assassination and testified in various hearings for the public release of information. His daughter said he thought everyone had the right to know about one of the most significant events in American history.

“I think he would welcome more material for people to research, and again, I think it was an important thing in his life," she said.

David Belin passed away in 1999.