City Council Takes No Action on City Manager’s Job

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INDIANOLA, Iowa -- With the city manager's job on the line, the city council held a special meeting Monday Night to decide his fate. It was expected that a decision would be made about the employment status of Ryan Waller, as the city council met to review the results of an external investigation over claims of possible wrongdoings and to hear recommendations from the city attorney.

The meeting started at six o'clock and then the council immediately went into a closed session. A group of local residents that showed up to support City Manager Ryan Waller was asked to leave the room at that time.

One of those supporters is a man by the name of Bob Kling - a city council candidate - who believes Waller is doing a good job. Kling, who's running for ward 2 against incumbent Brad Ross, says this is why he's running; to prevent these kinds of disputes from happening. Kling and the others that showed up for the special meeting said for years Indianola has been run by a good ol' boys' club, and a bunch of micro-managing incompetents, and that Waller came in and shook things up, and some on the council didn't like that.

"Personally, I think we have, from my experience with the city manager, we have one of the best city managers in the metro, and to the true leaders in this community, he`s been a breath of fresh air," said Kling. "So, I`m here to show my support for him. because I want to find out for sure: is this just a witch hunt and what`s actually going on?"

WHO reached out to the city manager, the mayor, the city council, and the city attorney for comment, but did not hear back from them.