Deer with Bucket Stuck on Its Head Reportedly Wandering in Des Moines

Deer with bucket on its head spotted in Glendale Cemetery.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Des Moines Police are on the lookout for a nosy deer that apparently got itself into trouble.

Animal Control officers say they’ve heard reports of a deer wandering in the Glendale Cemetery with a bucket stuck on its head.  A Channel 13 viewer shared a photo of the deer with us.  Police say it appears it is a “mineral bucket” that likely was filled with birdseed or something else that attracted the deer.

Photo of deer with bucket stuck on its head in Des Moines.

Police say while the photo is alarming, the deer may not be in real danger.  The bucket is not blocking the deer’s eyes so it can see where it is going.  They are confident that the deer will likely find a way to remove the bucket on its own by rubbing against a tree.

Animal Control officers have not yet spotted the deer and even if they did they might not be able to help it.  When a deer is tranquilized it is often scared by the shot and runs off.  Police don’t want to send a scared deer running into traffic in the area.

If you spot the deer you’re asked to call police at 515-283-4811 to report where you saw it.