Former Iowa U.S. Attorney Reacts to Mueller Indictments

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A former U.S. attorney in Iowa says indictments of former Trump campaign workers Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are proof special council member Robert Mueller is doing what he set out to do: find the truth.

Nick Klinefeldt has been working in government investigation for decades and is a former U.S. attorney. He compares this investigation to the nation’s largest political scandal in history.

“Watergate, but you have to keep in mind that the Watergate investigation didn't happen overnight. That took good reporting, it took a lot of good investigating to unravel what happened, and it started from the bottom and went all the way to the top," Klinefeldt said.

This investigation didn't happen overnight, either. Klinefeldt says it took nearly six months for the public to learn about it because the investigation involves a grand jury.

“By law, grand jury investigations must remain secret until there is a public filing like an indictment. And that's what just happened here recently, is that the indictments were unsealed this morning," Klinefeldt said.

The question now remaining is whether President Trump knew of Manafort and Gates' backgrounds before hiring them to work for his 2016 political campaign.

"While this indictment doesn't directly relate to the Trump campaign, typically the way these investigations work is from the outside in, and I would expect there to be more to come," said Klinefeldt.

Andrew Green, a political science professor at Central College, agrees, saying he can apply this investigation to his work in the classroom.

“Well we are going to have some conversations about the role of the special prosecutor, the role of the special council, and the impact this will have on the Trump administration," Green said.

Both Klinefeldt and Green don't know how this will impact the president, but say if this investigation is anything like Watergate, it will take time to unravel what happened.

Klinefeldt says Watergate eventually brought down president Nixon, but there is no word on how this will impact the Trump administration.