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Iowa Astronaut Peggy Whitson Talks Perseverance, Gravity, and Food in New ‘Glamour’ Article

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Peggy Whitson (WHO-HD)

IOWA  —  Iowa native Peggy Whitson has been hard at work and setting records in space, but now she’s home and getting used to life back on Earth. She’s also the focus of a new article published by Glamour, in which she talks about some of the differences between being on board the International Space Station and returning to her normal life.

Whitson spent years working toward becoming an astronaut after looking up to Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong as a kid. Glamour explains after earning her Ph.D. and applying to NASA’s astronaut program five times, Whitson was finally accepted, and took her first six-month long journey in 2002.

“The first time I went into space was just so much more than you could imagine or prepare yourself for,” she said in the article, noting that zero gravity is “completely different” than anything she was used to.

Whitson noted she felt “very heavy” as she adjusted to conditions at home, joking that “gravity is not your friend” after returning from space.

Space expeditions involve a look of physical training, teamwork, and being able to learn from your mistakes, but Whitson says all the hard work is worth it. She was even able to enjoy some good foods aboard the International Space Station; she requested burgers to be sent up in her care packages, and even though they’re dehydrated she said “it’s all about the sauce” to make them taste good.

Whitson has now set the record for the most cumulative time spent in space by any American astronaut. Find the full article about her experiences here.

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