Making Sure Kids Are Dressed for Chilly School Recess

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DES MOINES, Iowa—As winter approaches Des Moines Public Schools is reminding parents to dress their children according to the weather.

DMPS students at the elementary level participate in recess every day, and will most likely be outside.

Director of Communications and Public Affairs Phil Roeder said unless the temperature drops below 15 degrees, or the wind chill is under 15 degrees schools will have recess outside.

Roeder said if purchasing winter gear is expensive talk to the school office.

“We know, first of all, that getting clothes for kids can be a financial burden on some families. If it is, we hope families talk to the office at the school to see if there might be help available,” Roeder said.

The school itself will make a decision on whether to have recess inside or outside.

If inside, Roeder said the students will be in a gymnasium doing different activities.

According to Roeder, students at the elementary grade level have recess. Middle and high school students do not have recess.

Roeder said there are many families at DMPS that have never experienced winter before.

“We educate families from literally 100 different countries from around the world. We have new families that come to the school district each year that have never experienced winter. One of the things we do when our new Center for America is, which is a program we started this year for families outside the U.S. that begin school here is to help them acclimate to life in Des Moines,” Roeder said.

Thanks to Athene USA, 503 students at Studebaker Elementary were fitted for winter coats.

DMPS recommends dressing children in warm coats, gloves, mittens, scarfs and hats.