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The Insiders: November 5th Edition, What’s Happening to Privatized Medicaid?

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The future of healthcare in Iowa is still uncertain, despite ideas from various lawmakers.

When Terry Branstad was governor, he privatized delivery of the Medicaid system in Iowa. When Kim Reynolds took over, she continued that idea. They maintained the switch is the way of the future, will provide more targeted services, and save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. However, critics complain some lower income and disabled Iowans have suffered, can't get services they used to get, and providers have to wait for reimbursement that they may never receive.

Now, the administration has agreed to again increase the amount of money going to providers after one of the three providers decided to get out of this business altogether.

Jerry Foxhoven, director of the Department of Human Services, talked to Political Director Dave Price about his take on the issue and what may happen in the future.