Nine Candidates Running for Windsor Height City Council

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa – People heading to the polls on Tuesday in Windsor Heights will see 12 candidates to fill only four seats.

Nine people are running for city council and only three will be appointed, while three people are running for Mayor.

Windsor Heights Mayor Diana Willits said it is important for candidates to know what it takes to be a city council member.

“As a council member, if you are not working for the greater good of the entire city, instead of just for your block, you can make decisions that could harm the future of the city and the financial future of the city,” Willits said.

Willits said nine people is a lot, but the community has seen similar candidate numbers in the past.

Some big topics the upcoming council will focus on is economic development, speed cameras and sidewalks.

“This council has to review every street as a complete street, and needs to be open minded to looking at all the different forms of pedestrian, automobile traffic safety, including bus traffic. As they redevelop each street,” Willits said.

Willits said the council recently approved sidewalks in residential areas to connect major intersections, so children have a safe way on walking to school.

The candidates running for city council in Windsor Heights include:

  • Brenda Beye
  • Kevin Corkrean
  • Joseph Jones
  • Mike Jones
  • Michael P. Libbie
  • Michael J. Loffredo, II
  • Joseph McConville
  • Sean Murphy
  • Jennifer Schumann

Candidates running for Mayor include:

  • Brent Bialas
  • Dave Burgess
  • Tony Timm

Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Click here to see a sample ballot.