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State Patrol Hones Accident Investigation Skills With Live Accident Demonstration

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NEWTON, Iowa  --  The Iowa State Patrol conducted its first ever live accident training for investigators. Dozens of officers gathered in the parking lot of the Iowa Speedway to watch the demonstrations.

"Each and every year that they have these classes, they’re always trying to focus it on something new, something they can teach these accident investigators," said Trooper Alex Dinkla, spokesman for the Iowa State Patrol.

The demonstration included a truck with a harness to push an unmanned motorcycle toward a parked vehicle. The demonstration showed that even staging an accident can be unpredictable. Even when the bike missed the car, the resulting rollover would be tragic for any rider.

“We see a multiple of reasons that these accidents happen,” said Dinkla. “Some of it is the motorcyclist's fault, some of it is the general traffic and drivers that are out there, they don’t see the motorcycle.”

After the bike slammed into the car, the team of investigators looked at measuring the crash site to make a detailed report. The whole effort is to reduce accidents.

So far this year, 44 people have been killed in motorcycle accidents in Iowa.

“So our hope is to spread the message to make sure that if you see motorcycles, be more aware, be cautious,” said Dinkla. “Because they may more aware,  just because they may not always see you, and you may not always see them."

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