Dallas County Voters Approve County-Wide One Cent Sales Tax Increase

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PERRY, Iowa -- If you're shopping at Jordan Creek Mall, or most other places in Dallas County, you'll notice you're spending just a little bit more come July 1.

The reason is that Dallas County unanimously voted to enact a one cent sales tax increase Tuesday night.

The local option sales tax will be on goods and services county-wide. Dallas County residents who voted for the local option says that a penny is a small price to pay for increased revenue.

“It's one blinkity-blankity cent! You're not going to miss it! Any number of public services around here are either nonexistent or underfunded. Why? because people don't want to pay taxes!” said Nick Eikans.

“No mater who you are and what you do in a community, local option sales tax affects you” said Perry City Administrator Sven Peterson.

“When I go and spend money at Jordan Creek, part of that money stays in West Des Moines, part of that money goes to the county, part of that money goes to every community I drive through, and part of that comes back to Perry” he said.

The revenue will be used for things like road repaving, new snow plows, beautification projects, and maybe some projects that once seemed impossible to fund.

“I'm not promising anything, we always hear about an aquatic center, so that may be something, now that extra revenue is there, maybe something that's actually tangible for us” said Peterson.

But just because most people are excited about the prospects of fresh dollars in their community doesn’t mean everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

“I enjoy going to Des Moines anyway, and I think that just drives me to do a little more shopping there than I would do here” said George Mitchell who voted no.

Peterson says it's estimated that the tax will bring Perry 1.6 million dollars annually.

“This was a vote that really determined the future of the county, it's really going to springboard everybody in Dallas County forward and it's an investment in our future” he said.

The tax isn't entirely new, places like Perry already had a one cent tax in place for their community but it was scheduled to sunset in the next few years. The county-wide measure has no sunset date but can be repealed in future local elections.