Police Investigating Des Moines Home Invasion and Shooting

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Police are investigating after a suspect used a gun to gain entry to a family’s home then forced a man to go to an ATM to try to get money.

Investigators say the incident began around 8:45 Thursday night at a home in the 600 block of 33rd Street, in the North of Grand neighborhood. The couple who lives there told police someone knocked on the door and when they opened it there was a black male they didn’t know standing outside.

The couple said the man showed them a gun and asked where the money was. They were forced upstairs to the master bedroom where the suspect began going through dresser drawers. The male victim said he’d have to go to an ATM to get money because he didn’t have any in the house, hoping to get the suspect away from the couple’s two small children.

The victim told police he planned to drive to a bank ATM but the suspect told him to pull in to the Price Chopper at 3401 Ingersoll. Both entered the store and an argument ensued. The suspect got spooked and headed outside.

The victim says as he tried to see where the suspect was going, the suspect looked back at the store and fired a shot from the parking lot.

Police have not released any further information on a possible suspect in the case.