Owner Agrees to Have Dogs Euthanized After They Attacked, Killed Another Dog

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A family pet is now dead after two pit bulls attacked and killed him on Wednesday.

Officials now say the dogs' owner will have to give them up to authorities. On Friday night, Des Moines' chief humane officer says the owner of the pit bulls that attacked the dog has agreed to have the animals euthanized. They will be turned over to Animal Control and then placed in a 10-day quarantine before being put down.

Sergeant James Butler says the owner faces a number of citations from the attack, since neither dog was vaccinated nor licensed, as law requires.

"The City of Des Moines does not ban pit bulls, you can have them with restrictions," he said. "There is no option in the law when an animal is declared dangerous, other than euthanasia. I have no other option."

Sergeant Butler says the owner of the pit bulls was apologetic about the attack.