Man Caught on Video Stealing Package From Urbandale Doorstep Identified and Charged With Theft

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URBANDALE, Iowa  --  In August, a man was caught on video stealing a package from the doorstep of an Urbandale home. Now, the suspect has finally been identified and charged with theft.

The Kautz family has an in-home security system that can be viewed from a cell phone. They weren't home at the time the package was stolen, but they were still able to watch the whole thing unfold on video.

Urbandale police say the man in the video is Patrick Baker.

Steve Kautz says his security system sends a notification when someone is at the front door. The first alert was that of UPS delivering the package, and the second of Baker stealing it.

Police say the package was found in Baker's possession, and he now faces one charge of theft. While Kautz is happy to have his package returned, he is upset that it was so difficult for police to track Baker down.

“Frustrating, if anything, that it took so long to locate somebody. People fall on hard times and are bouncing from house to house and in between work, there was two months before he got caught, what was he doing in the meantime?" Kautz wonders.

Urbandale police were unable to provide a mug shot of Baker and did not provide much detail on how he was caught. However, Kautz largely attributes the success in identifying him to the video being viewed more than 600,000 on social media.