Dog Recovering After Being Shot With Crossbow

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A dog is recovering in Des Moines on Monday after being shot with a crossbow in Kellogg.

Jasper County authorities are looking for the person responsible for shooting one-year-old Scooby. His owner, Andrew Worrell, found him shot with a crossbow bolt on Sunday. Scooby is alert and walking around now, but Worrell is still searching for answers.

“It went completely through the animal. The thing was, if it went this way or through the back, that means it’s a hunting accident or a mistake," Worrell said.

However, Worrell says no permits were issued to hunt on his property or the surrounding area. Worrell also said Scooby was just doing what dogs do naturally.

“My dog went to go see whoever was next to my property, which is fairly close, and he does it all the time," he said.

Doctors say the arrow punctured Scobby's lung, and given the level of trauma it was amazing the dog survived.

“When he came in, there was a lot of free gas in his chest, and it was remarkable he walked in the door with the level of his injuries," said Dr. Jacobson of the Iowa Veterinary Referral Center.

Worrell wasn't prepared to pay for those injuries.

“I am not a vengeful person at all. I would like to know what happened, I would like some help with my vet bills because this is really going to put me back and I didn’t expect this. It was either that or put my dog down," he said.

Worrell hopes police can find the person responsible for hurting Scooby, who, despite his injuries, continues to put a smile on people's faces.

Channel 13 spoke to Jasper County investigators working with the DNR, who say the person responsible could be charged with trespassing.

So far, Worrell  says the vet bills add up to $7,000. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help cover the costs of the bills.