Fashion Trend Delivers Style Right to Your Door

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Finding time for fashion can be hard, but more businesses and boutiques are delivering style right to your door.

Making the time to pick up some new clothes was tough for Jessica Spalding. "I'm a pretty busy mom. I have two boys that are in sports," she said.

Now, she has it delivered to her door. She gets a box from Fusion Boutique in West Des Moines delivered to her home in Waukee. “It gives you the opportunity to try things on at home, when you're feeling comfortable, when you're ready to try things on instead of going to a store," she said.

Fusion Boutique owner Sara Jacobson started the styling service called Wrapped Up about a year ago. She said, "We were seeing there was a need in the market to deliver fashion service that was very convenient. We're noticing that a lot of ladies that shop here locally, even they don't have time to shop, or they don't have time to put things together."

Customers pick a package, fill out a style survey, and then get the clothes delivered to their door. The styling fee is deducted if they end up buying a certain number of pieces. It's similar to services many women have seen pop up on social media.

"We know that the trend is going online, and we really want to make sure we're staying current and with times, about to meet people's needs, so we thought this was a great way to keep up," said Jacobson.

In addition to styling services, more companies are also offering rental subscriptions. You can scroll through thousands of clothes, rent jewelry, clothing, wear it, and then send it back. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay $60 to $100 a month.

Iowa State University Assistant Professor of Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management said, "The rise of rental services, people are spending their money in a different way. They are paying less per garment because they own it for a short period of time."

Rent the Runway launched in 2009 offering designer dress rentals. It now offers monthly subscriptions for everyday designs, along with companies like Le Tote. McKinney said even brands like Ann Taylor are getting on board, just recently rolling out a subscription rental service.

"So, it's really affecting the overall retail model. We have yet to see what the outcomes of that will be in the overall fashion system," she said.

McKinney said those considering subscription services should make sure the service offers the style you're looking for, be clear with the stylist about what you want, and provide accurate measurements so the clothes fit.