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Waukee School District Partners with Public Library for New Program

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WAUKEE, Iowa-- With so many smart devices in schools and at home, visiting a library to check out a book may seem inconvenient for kids today.

The Waukee School District and Public Library just recently joined together for what they call the Digital Scholar Program.

Through this program all students and teachers in the district can access all of the library's online resources just by logging in with their school ID.

Waukee School District Director of Teaching and Learning Lindsay Law said teachers are able to add more to their lessons and students can more easily do research online.

The library has access to online credible databases and books that students can use rather than simply searching the internet.

"There are lots of things like the World Book Encyclopedia and some of the research engines that we might not be able to provide year to year, but that the students can now log on and have access to those things. So if they're researching or they're studying things or if they just want to sit down on the couch and read a book they love they'll have access to it without it needing to be on the shelf," Law said.

Kristine Larson with the Waukee Public Library said they hope by giving students this online access they will be open to reading more and take advantage of everything the library has to offer.

"It helps us because it introduces the kids to the library and it allows them to figure out the resources we do have that we might not have been able to inform them of in another setting. So they get that access and then it just helps with their school work, if they need to write a paper, if they just want to read for fun or read a magazine," Larson said.

Larson added, online library resources are not just for students and teachers in Waukee, Waukee residents can get a lot of the same online access with their library card.

Iowa is an open access state so you can get a library card in multiple districts and check out all sorts of physical materials from whatever library you want, but online materials have to be checked out from the district you live in.

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