Fred Hubbell Talks Mental Health During Statewide Tour

DES MOINES, -- Mental healthcare is a major part of Fred Hubbell's run for governor.

The Democratic businessman is in the midst of a state-wide listening tour, hearing from mental health workers about the issues the state faces.

On Wednesday Hubbell sat down with representatives from the Polk County Sheriff's Department as well as Polk County health workers.

Issues discussed included inmate suicide at Polk County Jail, the amount of beds available across the county.

"The more people become aware of it, the more they realize that we don't have a solution here. Medicaid privatization is making it worse, on top of the fact that jails and hospitals are night the right place to go, and they all know somebody who has been heavily impacted by this" said Hubbell.

Hubbell says while it is too early to make policy decisions on the best way to make a positive impact on mental healthcare he wants to make it clear that mental health and the state budget are at the core of the problem.

"Until we can address the budget shortfall and start putting money behind healthcare and behind education, we're not going to be able to make progress here. We have to make a priority around healthcare and move some of those budget dollars out of places where we don't need it" said Hubbell.

Those at the round table also discussed the opioid crisis.