Last Day for Yard Waste Curbside Collection Fast Approaching

Compost It (WHO-HD)

IOWA– Raking leaves is one of the most dreaded chores, but there isn’t much time left to get yard waste out for curbside collection.

To take part in curbside collection, put yard waste in a Compost It bag, put a Compost It sticker on a regular yard waste bag or put it all in a Compost It cart. The cost of the special bag, sticker or cart covers the cost of collection, which means there aren’t any additional fees to put it out by the curb.

Bags and stickers can be found at most grocery stores and hardware stores in the metro.

“And so you can put any of the leaves that are falling all over the place, any branches, bushes you might be trimming, if you had a flower garden or a vegetable garden. This is the time of year if you’re cleaning that stuff out, all that stuff can go in your cart as well,” Metro Waste Authority Public Affairs Manager Leslie Irlbeck said.

If there are several larger branches that won’t fit into a bag, those can still be collected curbside.

“Another option for disposing of large branches is to bundle them together with twine and put a Compost It sticker around those as well. So this time of year if you’re trimming your trees or if there has been a wind event that has taken a lot of branches down and they’re pretty cumbersome to put into bags. It’s an option to bundle those together and put a compost it sticker on those as well,” Irlbeck said.

If you live in an area where burning yard waste is an option, Irlbeck said it is better for the environment to participate in curbside collection.

“Burning yard waste is not an option for most residents in central Iowa because there is a ban on that. For folks that maybe do have the option and there is not a ban in their area, often times in unincorporated areas of our region people still might have that option. We encourage folks not to do it for environmental reasons and human health reasons. We encourage people to take advantage of curbside options or take their material to the landfill,” Irlbeck said.

For much of central Iowa, yard waste collection ends December 1, but Des Moines has year round yard waste collection through Des Moines Public works.

If you have more than what you can put out on the curb, and you are a Des Moines resident, you can take advantage of a free drop-off event.

The SCRUB event is happening this Saturday from 7 a.m.- 2 p.m. There are two locations to drop off yard waste: 4198 Delaware Avenue and 1601 Harriett Street.

All you have to do is bring your driver’s license or utility bill to prove you’re a Des Moines resident and of course yard waste in compost bags or bundles.