USDA Campaigns for No Tillage November

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As harvest wraps up this November, farmers are encouraged to keep the stubble on. But it's not about shaving, it's for No Tillage November.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging farmers to try out no-till on their crop fields.

The campaign wants farmers to keep tillage equipment in the machine shed and is mirrored after the cancer awareness No Shave November campaign.

The NRCS says practicing no-till can improve soil health, increase biological activity, control erosion, and give crops nutrient benefits.

Acting Chief of NRCS Leonard Jordan says we need valuable cropland protected and covered, "Leave it on the ground and break up that impact between the rain and the soil particles. So, we're putting a full court press on to make sure there is a greater deal of awareness in terms of leave the stubble in place, leave that soil protected so it can be more sustainable, more resilient and provide the public to date. And, of course, as we like to say future Americans that are yet to come."

Jordan says many farmers have been doing no-till for years, but there's new technology and they want to let farmers know about that so they can incorporate it into their system.

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