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The Insiders: November 19th Edition, Is John Kasich Planning a 2020 Campaign?

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  He's historically unpopular and while he was elected as a Republican, some Republicans aren't so sure he is really part of their party.

Ohio governor John Kasich tried and failed to beat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race. Kasich didn't fare well in Iowa and eventually dropped out, but he is keeping Iowa up-to-date on his work.

"He's showing moral clarity and voicing traditional center-right views," said an email he recently sent out. "Look, the Republican Party has just gotten smaller here, you know, being antitrade, antiimmigrant, trying to take health care away from folks. This is not going to work. He recognizes that the GOP may be in the process of blowing itself up."

So, what's Kasich up to? Is he staying in touch in case Republicans don't want Trump as their 2020 nominee? Does he just want to make sure Iowans know how things are going in Ohio? Share your thoughts with Political Director Dave Price on Facebook.