Dubuque Native Makes Appearance in ‘This Is Us’

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IOWA  --  Two Iowans are still in the competition on The Voice, and an Iowa native has also appeared on the hit NBC show This Is Us!

Mikhail Roberts is a native of Dubuque, and is now an actor living in California. If you haven't watched episode five of this season's show, the following contains a spoiler.

On a recent episode of This Is Us, the father, Jack Pearson, is going through old photos. One shows a group of men during the Vietnam War, and this is when the audience discovers Jack has a brother, Nicky Pearson.

Roberts is Nicky, who appears in that photo. He says they took hundreds of photos during the shoot, and at the time he didn't know the picture was a turning point in the show.

He also says his brush with a hit show proves Iowans can find success in Hollywood.

"Just because you're from the Midwest and you're not a fancy city-slicker doesn't mean that you can't do it. In fact, if anything, it usually means you can because your priorities are aligned differently. You worship hard work, and you know that if there's a job that needs to get done, you're going to get it done," he says.

Roberts says he says doesn't know if or when the producers of This Is Us will continue this character's story, but says he will always be "the first adult to play Nicky Pearson."

This Is Us airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on Channel 13.

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