Integrating Crafts and Math to Make Class Fun Before Thanksgiving Break

DES MOINES, Iowa – Throw away a traditional “hand-turkey” and bring on a new type of craft.

Third grade Oak Park Elementary Teacher Julie Mallas found an idea online to make turkeys with paint samples.

In each square, the students use a double dice to roll and create multiplication problems. Once solved, the students can make their turkey.

“Well math is something that is very hands on and it gets very repetitious if you are just doing worksheets. We are getting away from worksheets and trying to have kids be able to experience things with hands on activities. That’s how it makes it fun. Nobody just wants to sit and do a worksheet all day. Let’s do something that will make it real and have fun doing it at the same time,” Mallas said.

This is the first time Mallas has done the project with a class.

“I wanted to have this a more academic activity to work into Thanksgiving. We still have our turkey. A little more thinking going on. They can still think about what they are thankful for, but they are also going to be thinking about their math facts,” Mallas said.

Third grade student Shawntez Dietrich said he is going to, “Bring it home. Keep it, and I am going to ask my mom and my grandma if we can put it on the fridge.”

While 3rd Grade student Avery Mullikin said she might hang it up in her room.

Des Moines Public Schools will resume classes Monday November 27th.