Perry Man Thankful to be Alive After Motorcycle Accident

DES MOINES, Iowa — A helmet and a protective jacket are the only things that Perry resident Tony Tice says saved his life.

Tice was riding his motorcycle home from work on Monday when he hit a deer that jumped onto the road. He’s now recovering from his injuries in the hospital.

The impact sent him tumbling 70 feet down the gravel road.

“I kinda started taking inventory of what did and didn’t function, and I tried to roll to get out of the road and it just…I couldn’t do it, so I kinda shuffled over to the edge of the road as best I could” said Tice.

With a punctured lung and four broken ribs, Tice was in extreme pain and had trouble breathing. He was able to call 911 from his cell phone, and was found by his co-worker Jay who was traveling the same way.

Ambulances arrived on scene, and Tice was airlifted to Mercy.

Tice says he owes his life to his protective gear.

“It did its job. Period. The padding in it was phenomenal, I mean I don’t have any bruises or…just two scratches” said Tice.

Now recovering, and with his wife by his side, Tice says this Thanksgiving he has a lot to be thankful for.

“I’m seriously thankful, I mean, from my wife, to Jay, to my friend from high school who was the second person there, to the ambulance crews and the helicopter crew. There was no downside to it, period. Everything went like clockwork” said Tice.

Tice hopes that other motorcycle riders will take his story to heart and wear their helmets every time they ride.

“You think about riding down a paved road without a helmet on, that’s just a cheese grater waiting to happen. AGAT, all gear all time” he said.

Tice says he was only doing about 40 miles per hour when he struck the deer.