Des Moines Family Homeless for the Holidays After Fire

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A Des Moines family is picking up the pieces after finding themselves homeless during the holidays.

The Hardens’ home near Hoover High School caught fire Wednesday evening. While they're not sure what started the blaze, they do know they need help figuring out what to do next.

Corey Harden's stepdaughter was the first one to spot the flames.

“She came upstairs and she looked out the patio door and she said the fire was just all on the back patio, and she just hurried up and got outta there with the baby,” said Corey.

The girl was watching the family's three-year-old child and called her parents, who were out of the home; it was Corey’s birthday.

“When I got here, this whole back half was flamed up. It’s my birthday, it’s Thanksgiving, it was hectic," Corey said.

Corey and his wife Diandra were recently married, and Saturday is her birthday.  The Hardens understandably feel overwhelmed, but must carry on.

“I thought I was doing good things, I do good things and good deeds, but there’s always something that’s going to bring you down. But it’s a progress, we just have to prosper in life. There’s always something that’s going to bring you back. It’s my job to not let my family down and make them stronger and make sure we’re going to get somewhere better," said Corey.

With most of their children's toys destroyed around the holiday season, the family now turns to Iowans to help them replace their lost possessions.

“We appreciate all the help from everybody that are doing things for the Harden family,” said Corey.

With the Red Cross and the Hardens' landlord providing a hotel room, Corey says he has to focus on finding a new place to live, but admits he could use the help.

“It’s like, you gotta know somebody to know somebody to get somewhere good. So that’s how it is right now,” he said.

Corey says he's worked hard to provide for his family, and doesn't plan on stopping now.

“I lost a lot, so I’m trying to just gain it back.”

The Hardens say they still need clothes, mattresses, and other furniture. If you’d like to donate items to the family, click here to contact them on Facebook.