‘Legit Local Market’ Caters to Small Business Owners Looking for Exposure

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Business owners are expected to cash in big this Small Business Saturday, but it can be hard for businesses who don't have store fronts to participate.

Samantha Hogan, owner of Death Before Decaf, says, "We’ve been looking for the perfect location to start a coffee shop but haven’t found one yet. We have our licensing and branding all that good stuff already done, we're just looking for the perfect location where we can either build or buy."

On Saturday, the Legit Local Market catered to business owners like Hogan. Close to 30 vendors who primarily sell their goods online set up shop inside the Lotus Movement Center on Des Moines' east side. Organizers say the event allows business owners to  gain more exposure while encouraging people to shop locally year round.

"What I'm hoping to do with this event is to bring it to light for people that they can shop local all year long. It doesn’t have to be expensive or less accessible, people can be doing it all the time," says organizer Aly DeMoss.

Organizers hope to turn the market into a year round event for small business owners.