‘The Voice’ Singer Takes Home Stage In Iowa

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A popular metro performer was able to show off his talents to millions when he appeared on The Voice, and after getting cut he's bringing his voice back to Des Moines.

Chris Weaver went to Central College and lived in Des Moines for eight years. Many people saw him sing Lutheran Church of Hope, the place where he says it all started.

“I was one of the worship leaders here. We did auditions, that was always fun, and then there was the time we made the decision we'd give a yes or no on the spot. So who know that this was preparing me for what my life would be on The Voice.  I always hated it, I dreaded doing auditions because it's like, how do I tell somebody no? But now I know what it’s like," Weaver said.

Last week, Weaver was told ‘no' and was voted off The Voice. Since then, he's had one performance in Des Moines, and says it was overwhelming to see so many people show up.

“It was nuts, and I think the most amazing part about it was people from college, it was people from church, it was just friends, it was nuts," he said.

Weaver says these are the people who motivated him throughout the competition.

“It wasn't until I landed in Iowa that I just felt this thing come over me to just say okay, we're gonna keep on doing this, we're gonna keep on going, because this is what we love. And honestly, there's such an energy about the people in this state, really it's like none other. It absolutely amazes me. And it's such a home feeling, like you can't go anywhere else and get that. Especially not in New York," Weaver said.

But the road to success hasn't been easy, and Weaver hopes he can motivate people to never give up and to follow their dreams.

“I can remember this time last year, and there were times where I didn't know what I was going to eat--I was broke. And so, because I followed my dream and didn't give up, the door opened. You can only have so many nos before you get a yes. I tell people all the time, I say you only have one life; live it."

Weaver eventually wants to move back to the metro to teach kids how to sing.